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English Summary

Samuel Mikovini Polytechnical Secondary School in Banska Stiavnica, Slovakia

The history of the Samuel Mikovini Polytechnical Secondary School in Banska Stavnica goes back to 1735 when it was established by Samuel Mikovini as a secondary school for mining officials. This tradition had been kept until 1990s when the mining-related courses were closed and replaced by new ones. Presently the school offers secondary education in these fields:

- Surveying and Land Register,
- Environmental Studies,
- Building Conservation and Restoration,
- Polytechnics.

The course on Building Conservation and Restoration was opened in 1996; nevertheless, in several years it has gained visible results and it still has a potential of further progress and growth.

2003, Ján Valachy and Jana Čehiová working at the cast copy of a Baroque relief. Foto: Pavel Fabian

For those who are interested in creative artisan work.

For those who have positive attitude towards monuments and antiques.

For those who want to know when and how they were produced and how to care for them.